Authentic Classic

Peruvian Cuisine

If you have never been to Peru we are saving you a trip through our authentic classis Peruvian cuisine. You could imagine having lunch or dinner at Baranco, Miraflores, Cuzco, Arequipa and Puno.

The Story of

Our Restaurant

Así es mi Peru, opened in late 2016 at Paradise Beach Villas by Peruvian-born Roxanna Salinas. The idea of the restaurant surfaced at one Christmas dinner at home of the Salinas Ordonez family in Lima by her mother Lastenia, a self-made business woman and professor in the native Inca language quecua…..and a master cook.

The restaurant features a covered patio similar to a cevicheria in Cuzco and a more formal elegant inside air-conditioned area.

The menu prepared by a team of Peruvian cooks could not be more authentic: causa, anticucho, soups, pescado a lo macho, lomo saltado, aji de gallina, picarones and of course pisco sour cocktails and Peruvian Cuzqueña beer.

Close your eyes and the food will transport you to Lima, Arequipa, Puno through its authentic tastes.

Discover Our

Great Flavors


A few thousand years ago, people from the coastal regions of Peru were eating a variation of today’s classis ceviche. People say we serve the best ceviche in Aruba which is very similar to that made thousands of years ago.

Trilogia Dishes

Match our appetizers with some Peruvian Cuzquena beer. We feature several trilogia dishes which maximize the taste of several Peruvian dishes in one.

Filled Potato

May we suggest a filled potato (papa rellena) and a Lomo Saltado (tenderloin tips) as appetizer and main dish? Or try some of our classics like aji de galliña, pescado a lo macho, and seco.

Shrimp Soup

Peru features 300 soups of which we feature the more popular shrimp bisque, sudado (fish stew) and our grand mothers’ recipe chicken soup.